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The Development of VOIP-Effective and Affordable Communication

Also referred to as IP telephony, VOIP offers a reliable yet affordable mode of communication across the globe. It is the real-time transmission of voice signals over public internet or private data networks using internet protocol. The biggest advantage of voice over internet protocol is its great affordability. Voice over IP resulted from a combination of several technologies; the telephone, internet and internet protocol (IP).

Telephone was invented in 1870 by Alexander Bell and Elisha Gray. The internet on the other hand was developed in 1960. Preceding the development of VOIP was the development of internet protocol (IP) in the year 1972. The popularity of computers continued to grow and this saw the emergence of HTTP in 1989. It was not until the year 1995 that voice over internet protocol was developed.

In the mid-1990s, an internet phone was developed. The phone allowed computer users to communicate using internet, microphone and speakers. By this time, businesses were realizing the potential of VOIP. Many businesses embraced the technology as it proved to be affordable and reliable. Of all the calls made and received in the year 1998, voice over IP attributed to 1%. As more people realized the benefits of IP telephony, the numbers grew and by the year 2000 more companies had embraced the concept. By the year 2003, IP telephony attributed to 25% of all voice calls.

Currently, VOIP is not only used in businesses but in private homes as well. Companies across the world can connect well through voice over IP. It has become an integral part of people’s lives. People are able to connect with their loved ones abroad. People not only communicate but can see each other as they talk. In this era of video conferencing, business can hold meetings online with their offices across the world. Going by its trend, VOIP could only get better in future!

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