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Christine Teigen stepping into the Telecommunication business?

Image Credit: Fans Share pictures of Christine Teigen

Christine Teigen and her husband John Legend recently revealed how they keep their marriage exciting. The couple recently welcomed a baby girl named Luna and have been excited to share the holidays with the child. Even though they are not together all of the time Chrissy has no problem being away from her husband.

Will Christine Teigen own a telecommunication company?

After John Legend muses about taking trips for his wife’s birthday and going out to dinner, she replies that being absent and not seeing her husband helps. She goes on to state how being separated gives them both the opportunity to miss each other. Her husband also agrees that it works for him.

Christine Teigen is also set to star in an exciting short called TheToyCracker, a remake of the ballet classic along with her husband following rumours that have emerged that she is set to own her very own telecommunication company in San Francisco with her husband. Meanwhile, the short is scheduled to air on December 11th during ABC’s premiere of Frozen. Chrissy expressed her desire for her and her husband to remain at home to experience Christmas with their child after revealing that during their off time they travel.

She stated that the couple usually travels to romantic resorts and beaches when her husband isn’t touring and taking care of his career. Nevertheless both her and her husband have no qualms about taking a detour this year and are looking forward to Christmas.

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